Are you looking for a church that is ...

  *Apostolic in doctrine


  *Inclusive in worship and 

  *Prophetic in social values.

Then come have a look at us 

 ... we maybe the church for you.


An Open and Affirming Sacramental Church


 Mass Times 2021

Sunday - 5 pm

Please ring before coming.     All are Welcome - Cuppa After


Weekday - Tuesday or Wednesday.

Ring before hand to confirm time. Time change due to clergy work commitments.

Providing a safe, open, affirming environment for  Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Evangelical Christians to worship.

Let Us Take Up the Towel and Basin

          "Let us SERVE like Jesus who became the SERVANT of ALL."

                        WHO CAN SIT AT THE TABLE

The Dalai Lama once said, "Religion is like going out to dinner with friends. Everyone may order something different, but you can still sit at the same table." If only people of different religions could sit peacefully at the same table. Jesus used an open table as a way to shatter the boundaries that divide people. All people were welcome at our table; no hierarchy, no judgement, no hard and fast etiquette - just respectful faith. In fact, at Jesus’ table the least prominent guests sat at the head of the table. It is tragic that in so much religion, the table (communion table) has become the focus of exclusion, only for the worthy.




Welcome, and thank you for visiting  our  Church online. Our Cathedral Church is a congregation within the  apostolic sacramental tradition.


We try to be a Christian community in which people of all ages, sexual orientations and definitions (GLBTQI), cultural backgrounds and socioeconomic background are included as equally valued participants in the community.


We cherish diversity  and offer a safe place where individuals can explore their faith beliefs in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We seek to be Ecumenical by encouraging open dialogue with people from various faith traditions.


Through an 'open table' policy, we enjoy worshipping God as revealed in Jesus the Christ through ritual and symbol so as to be agents of peaceful social change. 

Our Mission Statement


The Ecumenical Catholic Church is an open and affirming church in the sacramental tradition. Jesus did not discriminate—neither do we. Offering ‘Light and Life to All’. 



The Church offers the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist after appropriate preparation. All other sacraments are by appointment with The Bishop or his delegated priest.

Times of Worship
Weekend Mass: Sunday 5.30 pm

Weekday Mass: when possible

with prayers to St Mary the Theotokos after the liturgy. Ring on Monday one of the above numbers to check time and place. Changes due to clergy work commitments and availability.


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1st Century Faith

for a

21st Century World

Ecumenical Catholic Church of Australia

Pro-Cathedral of the New Jerusalem


Celebrating 19 Years of Worship and Service


Cathedral Chapel  (Room 33 Pingaree House)

Cnr of Brand St & McKillop Place CARLINGFORD  NSW   2118

02 8677 7762 or 0414 184 940








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