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About us


 Our Cathedral Church is a congregation within the  ''Apostolic Sacramental Tradition'. We try to be a Christian community in which people of all ages, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds and socio-economic background are included as equally valued participants in the community. We cherish diversity  and offer a safe place where individuals can explore their faith beliefs in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We seek to be Ecumenical by encouraging open dialogue with people from various faith traditions. We enjoy worshiping God as revealed in Jesus the Christ through ritual and symbol so as to be agents of peaceful social change .


In this cathedral church at each liturgy 'holy communion' is served. We believe and understand that God through the work of the Holy Spirit desires to nurture each of us at every stage of our faith journey. So the altar-table of Christ at this church is an OPEN TABLE. Members of any denomination, as well as those who are honestly and sincerely seeking God, are welcome to receive holy communion according to their faith understanding of this mystery with respect and reverence. Christ welcomes all who come to him and will not turn anyone  away who needs spiritual food.

The Last Supper

1st Century Faith

for a

21st Century World


Ecumenical Catholic Church of Australia

Pro-Cathedral of the New Jerusalem


Celebrating 19 Years of Worship and Service


Cathedral Chapel  (Room 33 Pingaree House)

Cnr of Brand St & McKillop Place CARLINGFORD  NSW   2118

02 8677 7762 or 0431 563 310 (Bishop Paul)








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